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What to look at when acquiring a MIG Welding Torch

Not all MIG Welding Torches are produced equivalent.

When it will come to buying a MIG Welding Torch and the on-likely consumables, it can generally not be a wonderful offer of thought. Nonetheless, the mistaken alternative could have a profound result on your welding approach and could affect the welding equipment’s overall performance. MIG Welding Torches are the most dealt with piece of machines during the MIG welding course of action and they are uncovered to the worst performing environments and abuse. This can often have a considerable influence on the weld high quality, productiveness and maximize the operator’s downtime. It is usually assumed that all MIG Welding Torches are the same, so value usually becomes a determining issue when welders contemplating paying for a new MIG Welding Torch.

Ought to I evaluate charges on MIG Welding Torches?


MIG Welding Torches can vary substantially in excellent among each individual company, the distinction can have a profound outcome on the effectiveness and full lifestyle charge of the MIG torch. High quality excellent MIG Welding Torches have been designed to minimise downtime, help do away with very poor weld top quality and premature torch failures. All these rewards can supply major lengthy-phrase price savings. Commonly if the only profit a MIG Welding Torch has to offer is the very low value, it commonly suggests it has been created utilizing low price parts. This means the MIG Welding Torch will not final when in contrast to higher quality elements. Normally lower-cost consumables eventually have to have replacing, these often can be more durable to change and regularly injury secondary parts in the course of action. Based mostly on the rate only and with absence of any other points to assist customers take into consideration, it is understandable that most corporations would search at cutting down their charges by getting a much less high-priced solution.


Arguably the very best MIG Welding Torch on the marketplace?

Bernard Semi-Automatic Air-Cooled Q Sort MIG Welding Torches are at the excellent close of the sector and are created with significant duty electrical power cables, which have a 60% obligation cycle in mixed gases. Developed into these heavy-duty electrical power cables are four swap leads, need to the two currently being employed get weakened then the other two can be utilised. The Bernard Q MIG Welding Torches are available from 200A to 600A torch. The Q Variety MIG Welding Torches are entirely industrial-obligation and will have on welding even in the harshest and most arduous doing the job environments.

Capabilities that make a Bernard MIG torch stand out above the relaxation


The C tackle

Bernard Q MIG Welding Torches now arrive equipped with the new C cope with. This tackle offers all the positive aspects of the Bernard T sequence manage, in addition added ergonomic gains. The deal with has an more than mould and cable pressure reduction, this provides the welder additional comfort and ease at no excess price tag. The more strain relief also helps to protect the electricity cable by blocking it from kinking and aids to increase the wire feed capacity. The triggers on the C cope with are designed and designed to last and will provide in excesses of additional than one million cycles.

Q T torch neck

The Bernard Q MIG Welding Torches necks are aluminium armoured and are designed to face up to that day to working day environments, whilst featuring exceptional heat dissipation for a longer company lifestyle. They are readily available as either a preset or rotatable neck. An extra neck grip accent is also available which is designed to minimize heat publicity for operators who like to aid the torch by the neck through the welding method.

Quik idea consumables

Bernard consumables are of a substantially bigger quality than most other manufacturers on the industry. They are designed to give a a great deal additional secure arc and larger shielding gas coverage of the weld pool to make certain no porosity. We tested Bernard consumables against numerous other very low-cost brand names. On web-site assessments have shown Bernard consumables have given 3 to four occasions for a longer period call tip and elevated nozzle lifetime. This element assists to lessen bad weld good quality troubles prompted by inconsistent electrical transfer, which helps remove call tip melt away backs, which can be a important resource of dropped welding several hours. The Bernard replacement consumables are designed to remove downtime in the course of the welding approach, maximise productivity and aid minimize procedure costs. All these features contribute to a higher return on your financial commitment.

Quik call suggestion

Speak to tips engage in a substantial role in the MIG welding procedure, considering that these are liable for transferring the welding present-day across to the wire as it passes by way of the bore of the tip and the welding arc. Bernard Quik Guidelines are designed with a threaded taper lock, offering a huge contact space concerning the contact suggestion and the fuel diffuser. This substantially raises tip life by furnishing reduced resistance, fantastic heat transfer and electrical conductivity. No instruments are expected, just a rapid twist is all it can take to the install and clear away the Bernard Quik Suggestion call ideas! The exact same quality get in touch with tip is used on a 200A to 600A torch and are out there for wire diameters from .6mm to 3.2mm.

Quik fuel diffuses

Bernard Quik Suggestion gasoline diffusers have a positive halt which secures the Quik Suggestion make contact with ideas in a fix situation for remarkable repeatability and steady excellent welds. The posture of the call suggestion within just the nozzle, commonly referred to as the call idea recess, can also enjoy a very important element. The accurate call tip recess place assists to decrease extra spatter, porosity, insufficient penetration, burn-as a result of or distortion when welding on thinner products. Although the excellent get hold of idea recess posture differs in accordance to the application, a normal rule of thumb is that as the welding existing will increase, then the recess need to also boost.

The chart below is a manual demonstrating which Quik Tip diffuser should really be utilized.



Amperage Wire
Course of action Notes
1/4” Recess >200 1/2 – 3/4” Spray, high-present pulse Metal-corded wire, spray transfer, argon-loaded combined gas
1/8” Recess >200 1/2 – 3/4” Spray, higher-recent pulse Metal-corded wire, spray transfer, argon-loaded blend gas
Flush <200 1/4 – 1/2” Short-circuit low-current pulse Low argon concentrations or 100% CO2

Quik Thread system

With the Bernard Quik thread system, removing the nozzles from the diffuser could not be simpler. Just a quick twist is all it takes to remove them for either cleaning or replacing them. They have a heavier wall thickness and insulating material used in the manufacturer of the nozzle. This helps to reduce heat degradation giving the nozzles greater service life. The Bernard Quik Nozzles are available in two orifice diameters for optimal shielding gas coverage – 16mm (5/8”) and 19mm (3/4”).

Quik load liners

Bernard liners are made from high carbon music wire which resists gapping when the liner is bent, helping to eliminate wire feed issues and ensures an exceptionally long service life. Each Bernard liner is 100% tested prior to them being despatched. This ensures it to be the smoothest wire feed in the industry. With the liner retainer becoming installed inside of the torch’s ability pin on the very first set up, the impressive Bernard ‘Quick Load’ liners reduce the require to take out the MIG welding torch from the wire feed unit. This saves you from cutting and squandering the welding wire. These liners are set up from the entrance of the MIG gun by eradicating the torches front end consumables. Modifying a liner can now be reached in considerably less than fifty percent the time essential to set up conventional liners, rising creation occasions and minimizing labour value with amplified basic safety. The need to have to climb up and a alter a liner in a semi-computerized MIG Welding Torch related to a increase mounted feeder, is now eradicated. The ‘Quick Load’ liner also helps prevent climbing around robotic tooling or transfer techniques to get rid of the torch from the wire feeder. The liner can also be modified from a safe zone in the robotic function mobile.

How to adjust a torch liner in a MIG Welding Torch?

  1. Take out the front-end consumable (nozzle, get in touch with idea and diffuser).
  2. Clear away the existing ‘Quick Load’ liner from the torch making use of a set of pliers. Then, clear away the protecting cap from the new ‘Quick Load’ liner which is going to be fitted.
  3. Insert the new liner into the torch neck and use the welding wire as a guide. Thrust the liner down the torch working with short strokes to avert the welding wire and liner from kinking.
  4. The moment the liner has stopped feeding down the torch, give it a closing force to make certain it is seated accurately into the liner retainer in the torch’s electrical power pin.

Essential! Straighten the torch and force the liner again into the gun and maintain it firmly in spot. Using the liner gauge furnished, trim the liner leaving 20mm (3/4”) adhere out. Liners trimmed as well lengthy or much too limited can lead to serious wire feeding difficulties. Be certain to always use your liner gauge as instructed to trim the liner to the correct adhere out.

  1. Lastly, reinstall the entrance-close consumables (nozzle, make contact with idea and diffuser) and you are all set to weld all over again!

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