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Why Choose Us?

Our main objective is to deliver the work on-time with exceptional quality and also within the specified budget. Our prices are far more reasonable when you compare the prices with other metal fabricators in the city. Once you book your order with us, we visit your premises and discuss about the order and come up with the drawings. Once the drawing is approved, we’ll come up the components needed and estimate quote for the work. Once everything is finalized, we start working on the order in our state of the art workshop.

Every metal fabrication work undergoes some rigorous safety testing procedures to ensure the highest quality. Every section is precisely cut and fabricated according to the drawing and plans and hence can be easily assembled in quicker time.


We are a team of skilled metal & steel fabricators Dublin with years of experience in the industry and know exactly what it requires to get a project done and our experience helps us in completing the order within the specified budget.

Value In Every Job

We see the value in every job, no matter how big or small. We’re happy to discuss all the options with you. Just get in touch to have a chat about your project.

Family Run

We are a family run business with family values at our core. Our grandfather was a blacksmith and we are proud of our heritage.

Very Competitive Rates

The reason we have many satisfied customers is because we deliver the highest quality of work at very reasonable prices.

Honest And Dependable

Unlike many metal fabricators who provide an initial quote and when the work is completed provide you with a lot of hidden and additional charges, we only charge for what we work and never deviate from the original quote provided.

Superior Quality

We always deliver our work with the outstanding quality that will certainly exceed your expectations.

    Get a free quote and we will call you back within 5 minutes

    Who We Are

    We are a company with over 15 years of experience in this industry and equipped with a team of highly experienced and skilled workers.

    With our huge experience, we can guarantee you to provide the highest quality of our service that will exceed your expectations.

    We always strive hard to deliver our project on-time and within the stipulated budget.

    We specialize in steel fabrication, custom steel installation and design, steel structure repair and service along with various other metal works.

    Please have a look at our gallery page for samples of our innovative and high-quality work.

    They trust us

    Paraic McDonnell and Kate Hutcheson

    "“This was my first project with National Steel Fabrication and am glad to have given it to them. They have certainly exceeded my expectations with their exceptional work quality and service. From the initial design, supply and installation of the structural steel project, they completed the project on time and within the budget. We are happy with their service and wold love to work with them in the future”"

    Gregory Gallagher

    Independent Building contractor
    We provided the project of building a contemporary balcony to an apartment with North Side Steel Works. They came up with 2-3 designs initially and once the design was finalized provided a quote that was reasonable. Then went on working on the project and completed 12 balconies within the specified time and budget. Really happy with their quality service. Would highly recommend to anyone looking for the best steel and metal services provider.

    Elena Luca

    CEO, Eco Clean Solutions
    We were very happy with the balcony we have ordered from National Steel Fabrication. The quality and efficiency are top. I would recommend this company to anyone. Regards, Elena from Eco Clean Solutions

    Custom Metal Fabrication Dublin

    Metal doesn’t have to be boring. You can custom design products from metal that will look great and also serve a purpose in your home or garden. When choosing a custom metal fabrication company, choose one that is experienced in metal fabrication and offers integrity in their dealings with clients. Shop around for good pricing for your metal fabrication Ireland but remember that the cheapest may not always be the best.  Discuss your options when it comes to materials and the intricacy of the work as that can all have a bearing on the quoted prices. Value for money is more important than purchasing cheap.

    What are some of the things metal fabrication services Dublin can offer?

    Structural work: Structural steel designs can be used for small and large scale undertakings. This can include beams (rolled steel joists or RSJs), columns, plates, channels, angles and more. The structural steel is used to strengthen the structures and provide support as well as increase resistance to shearing.

    Gates and security:  Design your own or choose from pre-designed templates to create the perfect gates and burglar bars for your home. You can even create fencing from metal that is functional and looks great! You can even design a driveway gate using sheet metal fabrication Dublin or a combination of products to make something unique.

    Railings and Balustrades: Create a custom finish for your balcony or stair railings using custom metal fabrication to make something totally different or match up and existing design that may be broken or weathered. You can choose from a modern look or go back to the intricate designs of the early 20th century to create a look that is truly amazing.  Metal fabricators Dublin should be able to assist with some existing patterns or create a new one to meet your personal ideal.  Your staircases and balconies can be created completely out of metal as well if that is the aesthetic you are going for. You can also look at adding a fire-escape using metal fabrication services Dublin for buildings of two or more stories high.

    Staircases: This includes architectural staircases for indoor or outdoor use which are designed to showcase precision and craftsmanship, commercial staircases that can handle a lot of traffic or need to be built incorporating innovative concepts to the standard fire escapes and external staircases. Metal is durable and can be a perfect fit for buildings of all sorts of designs.

    Balconies and Balconettes: A balcony extends part of the inside of your home to the outside and makes the living space larger. It is often an extension off bedrooms, living areas and even kitchens. Balconies are generally used to sit and relax on or a place to store extra household items. The addition of steel balustrades or other interesting materials can turn the balcony into a design feature of the home and make it something really unique.

    Landings and Platforms:  Metal fabricators Dublin can create metal landings at the top of the stairs as well as platforms and walkways on various levels. These are safe, neat looking and decrease installation time as well as errors as they are engineering to fit in a specific way for maximum strength and durability.

    Shelters and Cages: Metal fabrication Dublin does not only have to be for construction or your home. Metal workshops Dublin can also create bird cages, holding cages for other pets and even complete shelters from metal to keep your pet safe and dry. Vets and other animal services such as pooch parlours also make use of metal cages as they are easy to clean and keep hygienic and they prevent pets being injured or involved in fights while they are being washed and pampered.

    Metal cladding and capping: Metal cladding is a great way to protect the wood on the exterior of your house in an affordable way. It also improves the aesthetics of your home without the need to replace doors and windows or having to repaint. Cappings and flashings are often used to weatherproof your home and stop water penetrating into the wall cavities, ceilings and so forth.

    Welding: No metal works Dublin list would be complete without noting services such as on-site welding. Good metal fabrication companies can offer services such as TIC / MIG and ARC welding, done on site, taking in to account all safety precautions needed.

    Which metal fabrication company do you choose?

    When it comes to experience, companies such as National Steel Fabrication brings more than 15 years of service to the table.  Their vast knowledge includes hands-on experience with garden fences, gates, guardrails, security gates, driveway gates and more.  Handrails and fencing is also one of their main lines and they can install new systems with their eyes closed (but they keep them open for safety reasons).  Do you want to create a new look to your home using metal? These metal fabricators Dublin can help you create a custom solution or choose from ready-made products to put together a look that suits your needs.

    Remember, metal does not have to be stark and lifeless, custom metal fabrication can add decoration and finishing touches to your metal products to make them look beautiful and blend in with your home. From a basic structure to the capping and flashing to finish off a home, National Steel Fabrication can offer it all.

    There are not many metal workshops Dublin that can offer the high-quality metal products that National Steel Fabrication is known for. Their eye for design and adherence to quality ensures products that will stand the test of time.

    More products

    Other products that can be designed and implemented into your home which are made from metal include tables, sinks, worktops, and counter-tops. Metal provides a clean, hygienic look and creates an interesting aesthetic in the kitchen and other living spaces.

    What else can a company offering metal fabrication Dublin offer?

    Services such as powder coating to colour metal surfaces are very popular when it comes to custom made metal products. Other services provided by National Fabrication include spray painting, galvanizing, restoration and refurbishment, repairs, construction and demolition. They also do deliveries and call outs when required. Speak to them about bespoke solutions to all your metalwork requirements.